Monday, December 17, 2012

Ryno Power Sports Supplements

I've dabbled with supplements on and off for many years. Back in my college days, my buddies and I bought and consumed more protein powder than humanly possible. Since I've started trail running, and more specifically, ultra running, the need to "get huge" and eating chicken, eggs and chocolate protein powder in everything have come to a halt. Getting faster and recovering quicker have become more of a focus nowadays.

Over the past few months, post-Vermont 100 if you will, I've had a running hangover. No intensity, no motivation, and no real goals to attain. Also around this time, I ran out of my general multivitamin and omega-3 fish oil supplements. With no goals (and no extra cash so to speak), I never picked up any from my supplier and continued into the fall probably not getting all my nutrients.

Did this have an overall effect on my training? My mood? My recovery?

Ryno Power Sports Supplements with their slogan "Charge Life" has a range of products designed to get people out of these funks and back on the winning track. From protein, to electrolytes and carbo-fuel, Ryno Power covers all that one must need to sustain a balance of nutrients and to also make up for any imbalances.

Check out the variety of Ryno Power Sports Supplements here.

I was fortunate enough to obtain some free samples of their Carbo Fuel pre-race pack and Protein post-race pack.

The Carbo Fuel pack contained a white powdery substance that was to be mixed with 10-12oz of any fluid prior to activity and also a package of six pills (2 electrolytes, 1 motivation (focus) and 3 endurance (VO2)). The white powder mixed well with water and actually turned clear after mixing for a bit. There was no taste to speak of for this mixture.

The Protein post-race pack consisted of a chocolate protein powder and a package of five pills (2 electrolytes and 3 recovery (amino)). The chocolate protein powder mixed well with both milk and water. I have a slight intolerance to milk, so I only tried with the milk once out of the three times ingested.  The chocolate protein powder tasted good (not great, as in a Muscle Milk, but not bad, as in a GNC brand).

For more information on Ryno Power Supplements ingredients check here.

The pre and post-race packets were consumed over three consecutive days of training. A Saturday run of 14.77 miles, a Sunday run of 10 miles, and a Monday run of 4 miles combined with a strength training routine. Normally, I would have felt run down by Wednesday or Thursday, but felt strong right through the next weekend. Even general soreness of 25 miles over the weekend was not present after taking this product.

I do think a longer time frame and more experimentation with the product would be necessary to come to a firm conclusion. Balancing the bodies amino and electrolyte levels are the key to recovery, so if a faster recovery time is what I'm getting, then maybe Ryno Power Supplements is the way to go.

Much thanks goes out to Scott Buxton for the Ryno Power Supplements samples. Thanks Scott!

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  1. Hi!

    I know this post is very old, but we have one of our riders using Ryno at the moment, giving it a test since it's come in to the UK and is reviewing it on our blog!

    It's for anybody interested, it's a regular 9-5 guy's log and how the supplements are helping him train while living a normal life! So it's good for those who are sceptical about supplements, we know a lot of older riders are! I'm curious if you carried on using these afterwards or if you ever want back to it at all?

    Great supplements though, I'm obsessed with the Swiss Chocolate flavour Protein!