Monday, December 31, 2012

Running Times - 2012

With winter here and the new year right around the corner, I've decided to look back at my 2012. Many amazing things happened for my family and I this year, including the addition of my little dude, Everett. There is no doubt that he will be an active guy in the future. He can't sit still for a two seconds (he definetly takes after me) and is up super early (like dad). Now if only I could get him to sleep through the night....

The 2012 pre-racing season started for me way back in January at the GAC Fat Ass 50k. It was my second running of this event with each event being completely different. I dropped my time by 23 minutes and almost broke the 4 hour mark in gorgeous weather with great footing. The first year showed everyone that it can rain, sleet and snow all in the same hour. After running this event, I felt I was in solid shape physically, running mostly trails/roads with no snow to speak of. I thought an overuse injury was about to bit me, but forntunealy didn't.

Wachusett Resevoir Run

Next up was a run on the January. The Cape Cod Ultra Society puts on its annual Frozen Fat Ass 50k on the beaches of West Barnstable. The course conditions change from year to year, depending on temps, and this year seemed to be one of the faster years. Running in sand is tough. Like real tough. Anyway, second place here to many time champ Greg Stone.

View from Owl's Cliff, NH

After taking a little break from racing in February, I decicded to race the newly formed TARC Spring Thaw 6 Hour race. This little gem of a race was concocted by Emily Trespas and put on by the TARC running club. TARC races have exploded all over Massachusetts (and NH!) and will likely keep expanding throughout New England. This first year race went off like a hitch and led me to believe that running a 3.5 loop in the woods isn't really too bad.

Nanamocomuck Trail, NH

May is Wapack time. The trail I love to hate. This year's running had a bunch of ultra studs on the starting line and I had to join. The Wapack, as always, is a challgneing run and was a tough one to stomach this year. I felt good both ways, but decided to bow out after 43. So I'm 1 for 3 I guess at the 50 mile distance there.

June was my ramp up month for the Vermont 100. I knew I had to get my mileage up considerably and had to do it quickly. Many two-a-days during June and an all time high for monthly mileage.

Bill's Barn Mile 89, VT 100

Vacation up in the whites with my parents in July was a big highlight and of course the Vermont 100. A 19:29 showing and a huge goal achieved proved to be a high and low for me. The high being a sub-20 hour 100 miler and the low being the mental let down from achieving that goal. The following summer months would have me not wanting to run and really just wanting to sleep in every morning.

I did get through this though low patch however, and many thanks must go out to my running mate Jesse Veinotte. I met Jesse back in April of this year and we've been churning out the miles since then. He's and early morning runner like myself and we often times meet up, three to four times per week. Knowing that someone else is meeting you at the trailhead is great way to not blow off runs.  I could tell steadily that my mind and body were back to running/training mode and can't thank Jesse enough for it. 

Nanamocomuch Trail, NH

Speaking of Jesse, his 100 mile debut (and my pacer/crew debut) would take place at the Ghost Train Ultra 100 in late October. He gutted out his first 100 mile finish in his first attempt and should be commended. I learned quite a bit on the crewing and pacing side and wish to do more of this in the future (any takers???).

Jesse and I before the start

Looking back at 2012, my total mileage was down about 70 miles, but my training and racing stats don't seem to reflect it. Maybe my body isn't meant for high mileage? Maybe the landscaping work is great cross-training for ultra running?? Anyway, 2013 will look to bring new races, new training techniques and new challenges. Happy New Year all. 


  1. Solid year. Sub 20 is no joke. Congrats on '12.

  2. Nice recap of your year, great work! Looking forward to 2013.

  3. Great year Justin! I think ran at more odd-hours with you than anyone else (Spring Classic and then the Winter Solstice!). Look forward to sharing some more miles this year.

    1. For sure Josh. Totally forgot to add the short day-long run in the post! (I'll blame it on deprivation...). Let's get together for some Double Top training soon. GA awaits us!!!