Monday, December 10, 2012

No Love

As I pour over the Western States Qualifying Races for 2013, I slowly start to come to my senses. I'm looking all over the country for certain race dates, travel distances (by car that is), and school and vacation schedules.

And you know what. It probably won't even matter. I won't get in again next year, and for that matter, probably not the year after. Seemed like anyone in the draw with under 4 tickets didn't have a chance. I know, I know, luck of the draw. But there seems to be no luck kicking around this house lately...

Looking like another semi-local smokel year for me.

Jan - GAC Fat Ass 50k (under 4 hours or bust!)
Feb - ?
March - Double Top 100 ?
April - Bull Run Run (if the lottery don't f me again...)
May - Big A 50k - attempt to lower some chumps CR
May - Pineland (which I should sign up for now because its a WS qualifier and I can drive there)
June - TARC 100
July - Anyone need a pacer at VT100??
August ?
September - Pisgah?
October - Round 2 with the Ghost Train
November - Stonecat (lowering my time and possibly last chance to qualify for states...if it doesn't sell out in 10 minutes.
December - punch the computer when I don't get into states and then go run 100 miles from my door step and then quit ultra running.

Honestly, I was peeved off for like 10 minutes about the lotteries. I just spent (wasted) so much time creating next year's schedule. It looked so crisp and clean. No white out or krinkled edges. Now it's in the recycling bin.

Back to the drawing board I guess.

Oh, and any suggestions are welcome to my make-shift 2013 race calendar. Fire away.


  1. August .... we got a little here in CO.

    1. GZ, have definitely thought about it. Always wanted to travel out to CO (run, race, live??). Only issue is timing. Beginning of the school year meetings (which I would so love to miss) are the Monday following Leadville.

  2. I didn't get into WS either, and I had 4 tickets.

    June: Manitou's Revenge:
    July: Bear Brook Trail Marathon

    1. Sorry Adam, I bet you are just itching to get into that one. Manitou's has been on my radar for a bit. Only issue is the TARC 100 is right around there. Could be a toss up and I think I'm headed more in the 100 mile direction. Totally forgot about Bear Brook. Missed it last year due to VT. Will surely put it on the schedule this year. Thanks!

  3. Double Top 100! 'Nuff said - should be a pretty/tough course and fun weekend.

    As for VT 100, I may take you up on the offer for pacing/crewing (got to see how Double Top goes). And we'll have to get you to the TARC 100 one way or another!

  4. Awesome Josh! Very excited for the trip to GA. Just signed up for the TARC100 too. All starting to come together for next year.