Saturday, January 8, 2011

GAC Fat Ass 50k Race Report

Well my first 50k is in the books. 6th place with a time of 4:29. I am somewhat pleased with this result. I went out bit too hard and payed for it at the end.

The event is held at Bradley Palmer State Forest in Topsfield, MA. Temps were in the low 20's with snow on and off. Course consisted of five 6.2 miles loops on carriage road, rail trail and single track.

Lap 1 - I went out way to hard basically. I reached the singletrack section which contained a hill and the three mile mark. 21 minutes even. 7 minute miles. No way I could hold this pace for another 28 miles!! I ran with leaders for a few miles and that was the last I would see of them. Split for this lap was 49 minutes.

Lap 2 - Uneventful, to say the least. I ran solo for the whole lap. Had to fix my stabilizer sport which cost a few seconds. Post holes and icy conditions really started to irritate the feet. I could feel the hot spots coming on. Split for this lap was 50 minutes.

Lap 3 - Switched out water bottle at car and powered through the aid station. Began to feel like I was running at my ultra pace. Although I've never run a 50k, I knew I could sustain 10 minute miles for 50 miles, so I figured I'd be around 9 or just a above per mile. Finally saw humans during lap 3. Began to catch some people on the course and was nice to use them as points at which to push towards. Split time was 52 minutes.

Lap 4 - Began to pass quite a few people during this lap. Also, it started snowing heavily during this lap. Caught up with Jay (who ran 3 laps which is the furthest he's ever run!) on the single track hill and wished him good luck on the remainder of his run. Split time was 60 minutes.

Lap 5 - Switched out last water bottle at the car. Stopped at aid station table for the first time and grabbed some pretzels. While doing this two guys running the 50k passed me. I had been in fourth since the start of the race. It was demoralizing to say the least. I tried for a brief moment to catch them but could not muster up the energy. Caught Ben towards the end of my fifth lap and he was looking strong. He completed his first ultra in 5:50 and 22nd place for a 19 year old. Not bad!!! Pushed it a bit after I saw him. Started to feel a little better mentally and just wanted to get the race over with. Split time was 58 minutes.

Overall - A solid first 50k. Should have gone out slower and was kicking myself when the two guys past me heading into my 5th lap. Great race put on by the GAC. They really know how to host a fun and competitive event.  Full results can be found here.

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