Monday, September 17, 2012

Night Run

At 8PM on Saturday night, Jesse and I laced up the shoes and hit the trail. I had never done a "night" training run, nor had he. We choose the Rutland State Park for our starting point and a destination, combining the park's rail trail and the Ware River Rail Trail, some 17 miles away.

This out and back proved to be really enjoyable, even with a small detour off the intended route. We ran at a solid pace for much of the "out" and even on the way back. A few walk breaks would put us at a 5 hour 50k which was pretty solid and a PR for Jesse at that distance.

We both felt pretty banged up at the end. The cold temps and constant terrain took its toll on me. I think  the late hour was also affecting my brain and bodily functions, as I'm usually sleeping at 1AM. All in all a fun experience and one that everyone attempting to run a 100 miler should fit into their training regimen.


  1. That was a fun one, thanks for suggesting it! Good thing we didn't see any moose.

  2. Ya no moose, but headlights coming at us from a distance spooked me a bit!