Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Need a Kick in the Arse

In the last 21 days, I've only run 7 times. One was a 34 mile late night beast, but all the others have been under an hour. I've biked about 5-8 miles every weekday and have generally taken weekends off from running. I've had the chances. My running mate Jesse, haunts me repeatedly about joining him on 4am runs in the morning and then 8pm runs at night. I've been sleeping OK, but stress has been on the high side lately.

I want to run, just can't find the motivation. I set my alarm for 4am consistently, only to wake up in the middle of the night and reset it for an later hour. Nothing is stopping me from running but myself. Is it the lack of a goal? With no real goal race/event in mind, I have nothing to train for. Could it be a change of gears? I miss the weight room. I worked out heavily for years before getting into ultra running. Is it time to return? With a new fitness center in our new high school, it does sound enticing.

There must be a balance. I just need to find it. I've been contemplating a strength training regimen for awhile now. And this may be the perfect time to start it. I don't want to give up running, but do think a break from it will help my mindset.

Or maybe it was just the lack of a "good" run, where my body feels great, no niggles, clear mind and  good pace. This morning that was achieved. Jesse and I had a solid tempo at the reservoir putting in 10 miles. The pace was quick and the temps cool and comfortable. My mind was clear and I found myself running in the moment. Something I need to get back to.


  1. Justin,

    I've been there. That's how I felt all summer. Still lacking motivation for long runs, but, after many months, have again found joy in the daily outing. It's cliched, but listen to your body and start out small. Things will come back to where you want them.

    How's the school year/new school? How about the two little ones at home?

    1. Josh, thanks for the encouragement man. Really appreciate it.

      The school year couldn't be any better. New school, new gym and fitness center with an entire new athletic complex (2 turf fields and a nice rubberized track). It feels like I've started a new job almost with this new environment. How about your year so far?

      The kids are awesome! So much fun. Isla is putting small sentences together and is such a great big sister. The little guy, Everett, just started rolling over two days ago. A milestone to say the least. Its been fun visiting the orchards and apple picking. Love doing that with the family this time of year. Thanks for asking Josh. How are your guys doing? Busy I bet!