Friday, September 14, 2012

Life on the Run...or Bike

Monday - sell  your car.

Tuesday - run 13 miles to work and get picked up by co-worker 3 miles short of the destination, bike to and from second job, and the get a lift home from a co-worker post high school "open house".

Wednesday - bike 15.77 miles to work, then 7.3 miles to and from second job. Have wife and kiddies come pick you up because your smoked.

Thursday - hitch a ride from a running mate, run 10 miles in the woods with him, then run a few more in the woods and on the roads to get to work. Bike 3.6 miles to second job and then get a ride from slave-driving landscape boss to your parents house. Drive your recently retired father's car home.

Friday - drive car back to rents house, ride bike 2.2 miles to high school, run mile repeats on the track, get picked up by the slave driver after school, cut 150 lawns in 3 hours, then bike to rents to pick up Dad's car.

Things I've learned this week:

  • People are generous. Rides were offered daily by co-workers, friends and family. It was hard to swallow sometime but I am very thankful to have these folks in my life.
  • My butt hurts. Running for almost three years without getting on a bike, then riding 15 or so miles to work made me appreciate running a lot more. 
  • Logistics are tough without a car. Running, biking, working two jobs and all the changes of clothes required made my head spin. Getting all this stuff to the right places was the toughest challenge. 
  • Eating peanut butter and honey for lunch everyday gets old. 
  • Everything happens for a reason. Enough said. 


  1. Welcome to the Car-less Club! It's a great place to be. My suggestions (after several years of running/biking (but mostly running) to/from school:

    - Baby wipes (and I know you've got 'em!), save a heck of a lot of time over showering - I've never had a kid tell me a smell (and I stopped using deodorant!)
    - I too used to have the same thing (cold oatmeal) for lunch/breakfast at school each day. Liz got me a rice cooker this year - it cooks just about any/everything while class is going on, and then something fresh cooked for those 10 minute lunches we get.

    I'm psyched that you are car-less now! It's a total way of life (and makes you a heck of a better runner - physically, but especially mentally).

  2. Thanks Josh! It's been a tough transition packing-wise, but your suggestions will def help. Who needs deodorant!!!