Friday, August 31, 2012


I've visited some pretty cool places while out on the trails. Vermont, New Hampshire, Maine, Connecticut and my home state of Massachusetts. I've been up mountains, through valleys, in and out of rivers and plowed through snow banks.

I've run 100 miles a few times and everything in-between, meeting some of the coolest people on the planet in the process.

I've created a running blog and tracked all my steps for well over two years now. It has been a beautiful ride.

I felt so comfortable at first, but now the only words that come to mind is torn. Or shredded, worn, beat-up and definitely broken.  Everything must come to an end.

That end is now.

After 500+ miles of trail running and over 1,500 miles of landscaping, my very first pair of Tecnica Diablo Max M's will be retired after today's landscaping push. It comes as no surprise to my "slave driving landscaper boss" (who is also my bro-in-law) who consistently yells at me for wearing them. Many a times a steel toe boot would be standard protocol but not for me. My trusty Diablos did the trick.

The option for retirement came Monday night. With a fresh sprinkle of rain on the ground and a full load of mulch in the wheel barrel, I was to navigate a 40 degree slope to deliver said mulch to the boss man.

I was part way up the hill, when my trusty Diablos gave way (due to lack of tread and wet grass I would assume...). The barrel flipped, dumping mulch all over the lawn and myself and more importantly smashing my knee into the solid Earth. The mulch was cleaned up, the boss had his laugh and the knee will heal (hopefully soon!!).

I will continue trail running and landscaping in my "next oldest" pair of Diablos but the affair with my first pair of Diablos must come to an end. Thanks for being there for me on the trails and out on the landscape front, Number 1. We will meet again on the other side.

Some more pics of Number 1:


  1. Dude, thought you retiring from running. Hopefully when I come home some weekend we can get together and hit a few trail miles.

  2. Glad you got my weak attempt at some humor. Let me know when you are around next. Early AM is the word college boy!