Thursday, August 9, 2012


I'm a sweater. There I said it. I'm the guy that starts his run, sweating. They guy you see running down the street with the front of his shirt soaked. People in the cars think I've been out for hours, training for a  marathon or something. But I've only been out for 5 minutes.

I'm the guy the on the basketball court that nobody wants to guard. Dudes just slide off me, I'm so wet.  I hear, "take him". I'm not guarding "sweaty guy".

I don't do well in heat or humidity. I hate the summer. I dislike anything over 80 degrees. I am actually sweating right now writing this, in my air conditioned kitchen.

So on my run this afternoon, after working a full day on the landscape front (sweating heavily), I sweated (even more heavily) for about 40 minutes on the roads and trails in Grafton. People in their climate controlled vehicles had that look of awe in their eyes, thinking wow, that guy is running in this humidity and man is he sweaty. Sucker.

That's how I felt. Like a sucker. It sucked. My run sucked. This heat and humidity sucks. I can't wait till it snows. I want to go for a run wearing a snow suit and plastic boots towing a bobsled. Bring on the sub zero temps, the ice formations on my "winter beard" and the numbness in my fingers.

Please, I'm just done with sweating already.


  1. If winter sucks (is really cold and long) this year, I'm blaming you! Solution to the "front of the shirt soaked" problem: ditch the shirt! Then people will be looking in awe at the hardcore dude who runs sans shirt (and, you get extra bonus points if you do that in the winter, but that is just being foolish!). Personally I'll keep the heat as long as we can - much nicer not having to take 10 minutes geting dressed to go outside . . .

  2. I got you Josh! Let's compromise with a New England Fall. 45-55 degrees, no bugs and barely any sweating going on. That sounds about right.