Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Easy Six

Jesse, with some sore quads from this weekends MMD 50k and me, struggling with my VT100 recovery took to the trails of Rayburn this AM. Easy pace and good conversation throughout. Knees felt noticeably better on the trails than they did on the road yesterday (duh...). Hips and hip flexors felt a bit tight and iffy upon completion of the run.

Spoke about a long run this weekend. Want to join but need to assess today's run and my body holds up throughout the day.

Finished up my first graduate class last night. Feels good. Stress levels just went way down.

This dude is certainly BADASS!


  1. Well if you do decide to join the long run this weekend, know it will be slow :) with plenty of hiking opportunities...

  2. Sounds like a plan Julie. See you then!