Sunday, August 19, 2012

Summer's End

What better way to end the summer than a weekend trip to the Whites. My folks, since July 1, have rented out a house in Lincoln for TWO months! We got up for a week in July and a few weekends since then. With school starting tomorrow....we figured one more trip was necessary.

An easy going weekend it was. Nothing on the agenda. We got a few nice walks around town and the neighborhood. Feeding ducks and picking black raspberries seemed to be the priorities for my little girl. Her and I got out for nice strolla run on Saturday and daddy ran up and down Loon on Sunday. No big numbers as far as runs go, just easy going fun stuff.

With my teaching job starting, that means back to the early early AM runs. I've been starting around 5:30/6ish for most the summer but Jesse and I already have plans for a 4:30 meet-up tomorrow. Ugh!

Looking forward (finally, a short term goal on the calendar) to a Pemi-loop on Sept. 8th. Headed up with Jesse and a college buddy. No speeds record attempts here, just some good mountain running in the Whites.


  1. Sounds like a great way to end summer vacation. I'm clinging to my last few days of freedom (and dreading those early rises again) myself! Hope the school year starts off well (why are you guys starting so early?).

    1. Thanks Josh! We always seem to start this early, with four days of teacher training, Friday off, then the kids arriving this coming Monday. Should be a fun and interesting year. Construction is just finishing up on the high school I work at. It's very impressive. Almost like I'm starting a new job. Hope you have a fun year as well.