Sunday, August 5, 2012

Time Will Tell

With three runs in since the VT100, I'm not really sure whats next. A failed 6 miler in the whites, one week post VT, had me down. I was still not ready to run. I took the next week off from running and decided to pick it back up this past Saturday at the MMD 50k in NH.

What better way to come off a recovery and really pound my body in the mountains of NH!! Turns out, I had a brutal day on the landscape front on Friday. More wall building in 95 degree humid temps. By 4  o'clock I had enough and was thoroughly dehydrated, under feed and nauseous. I honestly didn't recover till today (Sunday). A phone call was made to my running mate, Jesse, to let him and the RD know that I was going to be a no-show for the race. A little upsetting, but the right call.

On Saturday morning (yeah, I know, idiot). I decided to hit the trails (horseflies and no hat, you do the math) for only a twenty minute jog. This left me even more dehydrated and pissed. I was sure that I would feel better, but obviously did not. Until today.

Today was a good run. A stroller run at that, with my little princess. We took it easy, no watch on wrist and just enjoyed the shade of the rail trail. My knees were a bit cranky at first, but they got better by mile 3. Then a little tenderness in the hips by mile 4. By mile 5 it was slow going and by 6 I thought I may need to walk.

Maybe its the heat, humidity, the stresses of life all contributing to my lack of recovery. Or maybe I just pounded my body for a 100 miles and need some more rest. Only time will tell.

Next on the plate, however, a double traverse of the Presidentials in Sept., pacing Jesse at the Ghost Train in Oct., possibly the Nougat 100k in Nov (if on a Saturday this time!!!) and then the Wachusett Mtn inaugural FA50k in Dec. Thought about Grindstone a bit too.  Want to do this one but logistically it could be tough with my school year. We'll see.


  1. Right there with you Justin. I'm (slowly) coming to realize that I've got to get better about listening to the body. The trails/races aren't going anywhere! It's tough when the weather is so great though . . .

    Let me know about that Wachusett Mt FA in December - sounds like fun. I'm also thinking about Grindstone or Ghost Train, just not sure if the body wants to put in another effort like that this year. Rest up and wear a camelbak or something when you're landscaping!

  2. Have Patience. Maybe if we repeat it enough times, we will actually do it!!

    You could be on to something with the camelback and landscaping. My bro-in-law (slave driving landscaper boss) and I were talking about taking S caps last friday during the brutal heat and humidity. Probably would have helped.

    As for the FA, our fearless leader Julie O'Mara is ironing out the course. I need to connect with her to see if she needs any help. Will def keep you in the loop.