Tuesday, June 19, 2012

VT Training

Got in a nice long run this AM with Jesse. I call it the Grafton Ultra Loop. It's neither an ultra or completely in Grafton, so don't ask me why I call it that. It "could" be an ultra if one wanted to run the trail systems thoroughly, however, we simply pushed through most of the systems and conservation lands on their primary trails. Run was 18 miles in length and took us 2:29. A 4am start was harsh, but it feels good to get a long run in mid-week.

Ran with Jay, a teacher friend, at lunch. Got out on some of same trail systems Jesse and I hit this morning. Felt "off" after the first mile or so. Vision was blurry and felt somewhat woozy. Popped an S cap and ate a gel and felt fine. Needed some calories big time.

Ended up eating 7 gels on the day. I don't think I've ingested that many gels on a non-racing day. I think I need to do this more to simulate "race-like" circumstances. Sometimes I get out on long runs, feel like crap/bonk, and just finish the run totally trashed. Probably not a good way to go about things.

23 miles in the books for today. A good mix of roads, gravel paths, double and single track. Some really good climbs and fun descents. All around a solid training day, with VT only 32 days away, I am starting to feel really confident in my training and my mental preparation for this race.

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