Monday, June 18, 2012

Spaghetti Dinner

Had a massive spaghetti dinner last night, waited all of an hour or so, then ran 7.5 miles at a good pace. Had to pull over twice (thank you Papa Gino's and Holden Little League) for making it possible. Explored some new roads in town that I've never run/driven on.

Ran 6 this morning at Dorthy Pond in Millbury. Slow going as my stomach was still not right from the night before. Lesson learned I guess. Looking to get in another lunch-time run (like Friday) today. The kiddies have finals and we get to take a lunch longer than our regular mouth stuffing 20 minute sessions.

In doing some reading for my grad course, came across this concerning food records or diaries:

"Generally, persons who agree to participate are dedicated, highly motivated, literate subjects and thus may NOT be representative of the general population." Sounds like we all SUCK. Kidding, just most of us.

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