Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Mixing It Up

Decided to do a run/hike this morning. I used the three steepest hills in town (maybe not "the" steepest but they are all close to each other for training purposes) to power-hike up, then run down. Felt good to hike, as its been awhile, even though it was on the roads. I think I'll be doing quite a bit of walking in the VT100, as some of these hill I'm hearing about are killers (sound of music hill, agony).

Had the best lunch time run today. Ran 20 minutes to my parents house from school. Met my wife and kids, sister and her kids and mom for a little dip in their pool. Ate some watermelon, hung out for 10 or so minutes, then ran back. Wish I could that more often.

May get in another five tonight with Jesse. We'll see how this afternoon's landscaping goes with the heat. May just want to want to climb in the refrigerator when I get home...


  1. Watch out for the uphill at the beginning of the ten Bears loop. It's a long climb up a steep and eroded jeep road. Also, there's a long very runnable downhill near the end of the Ten Bears loop. Be careful, it'll sucker you in and ruin your quads if you're too aggressive.

    1. Thanks for the info Adam. If don't mind, could I pick your brain about VT?

      I read your race report from 2010 (nice job by the way) and had a few questions. What did you do for hydration? One hand-held or pack? I know that there are many aid stations and don't want to carry too much. Of the many race reports I've read, some carry a pack till the first handler station.

      Major hilly sections are towards the last third is what I'm hearing? Is this correct?

      Road shoes or trail shoes?

      Your advice is greatly appreciated. Thanks Adam!

  2. You're probably reading my 2009 report. I DNF'd at mile 95 in 2010 with utterly trashed quads. I was well ahead of my sub-20 hour goal until Bills Barn and things went downhill real fast. It took an hour to cover the last mile into Polly's where I dropped. Still stings because I might have been able to gimp it in, but I'll never really know. Anyway...

    I drink a lot, so I was using a two bottle waist pack. Much easier to refill at aid stations, especially when your crew has a second set of bottle that can be swapped out.

    Yeah, the last 50k is probably the hilliest section but there are a few doozies earlier on.

    I only bought my first pair of road shoes a year ago, all my 100s have been in Cascadias.

    Happy to help any way I can. I've been at Vermont 100 for the last 4 years in a row, twice running and twice as a pacer. Won't be there this year because I'm volunteering at the Bear Brook Ultra at home.

    Sub-24 (or better) is a very reasonable goal for you. Just watch your pace, be careful with your quads, eat, and stay cool in the middle of the day. The real race starts at mile 70. If you can get to West Winds (77) before sundown and Bill's (88) before midnight, you'll be in good shape.

    1. Thanks a ton Adam. I was going to go with a waist pack with one water bottle but two seems like the more intelligent way to go. Especially if its hot and humid like yesterday and today will be. Staying cool will be the key for me I think. I sweat a ton and lose a lot of water/salt in the process.

      I've heard the West Winds before sundown comment quite a few times in the race reports I've been reading. Haven't heard Bill's before mid-night. Another target to shoot for, so thanks.

      Will be careful on the downhills, as to not trash the quads. Got it!

      Thanks a bunch Adam!