Tuesday, June 5, 2012


Ran (hiked...) yesterday at the wheeler rd. trails. Minimal sleep and a bit tight from Sunday's long run. Felt good to move and actually woke me up a bit. Many of  the kiddies at school said, "you look really tired Mr. Contois, are you ok?". Just wait to you have kids!!! I responded.

Ran a decent tempo this morning on the roads of Grafton. Did the Gazebo course in just under 40 minutes for 5 miles. Not bad, but not great. Tired.


  1. Just think - only a handful of days until the end of school! I'm hoping you are able to get a little bit of sleep at that point! You're crazy!

    1. Actually I may be on to something as far as training for a 100 miler goes....have a kid, enter sleep deprivation, run tired, run tired again, repeat until you are sleep walking. Ya that sounds about right. It's all good. I wouldn't trade it for anything!!!