Sunday, June 3, 2012

Long Run

Started from Leominster State Forest on Parmenter Rd, then out onto the Monoosuc Trail. Never been on the Monoosuc Trail before and had a blast. Some good climbs and downhills and the previous rain had massive puddles and streams flowing in the trails. I was literally a little kid, jumping and splashing in them. The 4:45am start had me smoked by 5pm but it was so worth it. Big shout out to Jesse for showing me the new trail system. Total run time was 3:43 and about 21 miles.


  1. Awesome! We will have to have a power meeting someday and map out all these routes! :) It was a great day out on the trails!

    1. Julie, that would be cool! I'm sure there's uncharted territorty out there for all of us. Off the top of my head, I run (near Holden area) at the Rail Trail, Trout Brook, Quinepoxet St Trails, Rutland State Forest, Leominster State Forest, Asnebumskit in Worc/Paxton (a must run if you've never been there!), the Mt., the Mid-state, and Cascades Park (Worc). All good places to train. Let me know if you ever want to join and I can show you around these places.

  2. Great run today, I was wiped out from the early start also.