Friday, June 15, 2012

Grounds Crew

Finally got the OK from the grounds crew at the golf course to run on the cart paths. Did a 8.5 mile tempo and included the paths around the middle miles. I started a bit late (no finals to give first block so I arrived at the usual teacher time of 7am....) and ran into them mowing and manicuring the greens. One of the guys knows my uncle (who also works at the course) and he said its not a problem, just don't do it when people are playing. I think someone had a 6:05 tee time, so I broke off the cart path and finished the run on some pavement.  Good to know I won't be arrested for trespassing, just need to get there a bit earlier next time.

Also tried to pound the downhills. I mean really pound my quads. I keep reading race reports from the VT100 and many talk about the downhills and how by 70, their quads are trashed. Don't want that to happen!

Cool article on road runners vs trail runners here

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