Thursday, June 14, 2012

Cross Country Dreams

Ran the old high school cross country course this morning. Back in the day, when I ran XC for Grafton, I won a few races and set a PR of 17:01. All year the coached pushed me to break 17 but it never happened. He even went as far as saying he'd buy my McDonald's if I broke the barrier (maybe if he splurged a bit more I would have done it!).  Didn't even come close to that this morning (27 on a slightly longer course), as my legs are junk and body feels run down.

 I don't think the mileage is bothering me (not that it has been increasing) but the recovery time (i.e. sleep). I just think my body needs the Z's to recover properly and I'm in a bit of a hole right now and can't seem to catch up.

On of my co-workers with kids told me I'll get a good night's sleep when I turn 60. Somehow I believe that. Not complaining by any means, my kids are amazing!!! Just tough sometimes to go full bore when there's no gas in the tank.


  1. The first 11 months of Jacoby's life (our 2nd) were marked by 3 - 4 hours of non-consecutive sleep a night, and a 4:15 wake up for school. It was awful (we stopped at two kids . . .), so I completely empathize. Just like an ultra though, "It never only gets worse." That first night of 6 solid hours will make you a whole new person!

  2. 11 months. Yikes!!! Great quote too. I've heard it related to ultras but that totally fits our sleep patterns right now. Thanks again for your support. Its comments likes these and stories about others "lack of sleep experiences" that keep me going.