Friday, May 25, 2012

Caught With His Pants Down

This has never happened to me in the two plus years of trail running I've been doing.

I pulled into the parking lot around 5am and waited for Jesse to arrive. Upon my arrival, I noticed a black Toyota Tundra with Rhode Island plates already parked there. Interesting. Of the two years I've been running at Rayburn, nobody has ever beaten me to the trails.

I thought to myself, maybe we can meet up with this early morning runner and ask them to join us.

Jesse arrived and we hit the trails. With the first little gradual uphill in the bag, we turned the corner to notice a portly middle-aged man with his shorts around his ankles, mid trail. He scurried off trail and into some brush as soon as he saw us.

I thought, is this guy OK? Did he just dump in the middle of the trail? Then I noticed a cigarette butt hanging out of his mouth....this can't be a trail runner (or any type of runner for that matter!!).

I asked Jesse if he saw the butt (cigarette...) and he said he didn't even want to look. I peered over as he pulled up his shorts only to notice a fanny pack (think mountain smith but not that nice) around his waist.

What the hell was this guy doing out here?

Whatever it was, whatever he was "doing", I feel somewhat violated. This is a place I run, a place I visit to relax my mind and get some "me" time as I like to call it. With people like him around and visiting the same place I call "my trails" (they're not but I think we all have our own "my trails" that we run) it takes away the purity and not mention the mental picture of some pudgy dude in his "whitey tighties", every time I run that piece of trail.

Some may read this and say, maybe, he was just out for a walk. Yeah he might have been, but I was there and he was definitely doing something that I'm not cool with. So pudgy, butt smoking, pants-around-your ankles man, if you're reading this, take your antics elsewhere.

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