Monday, May 28, 2012

Holiday Weekend

Got in two runs out of the three days during the holiday weekend. Saturday was off and had a nice day with the family and in-laws. Sunday was an 8 mile jaunt down to Nicks Woods to see what I need to do there. I have recently become a volunteer for the property and needed to assess what I need to do (in the minimal time I have...) in the future. Lots of stops and goes down there, looking around for logs, rocks and other natural formations to help with the trail system clean-up. Will need to bring the chain saw down, as there are many trees laying across the trails. Irrigation ditches too I think, on some of the steeper sections. Six miles on the road after that.

Monday morning was a peaceful run at the Holden Rail Trail. 6.5 miles at at good pace down by the river.

Baby number two is coming any day now. My guess was for today (the 28th). Hasn't happened yet but the day is not over!

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