Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Need A Kick In the Arse

No AM run again this morning. Beginning to think its my body's was of telling me to slow down. Between school and the landscaping season taking off (literaly haven't gotten out of work before 6:30pm since the beginning of March).

Just signed up for my first class at Framingham St. U for my master's degree. Put it off long enough and now is the time (like I have the time...). I guess if I want to keep my job as a teacher I need my master's degree in the good ole state of Massachusetts (one more reason we need to move).

Got in a slow 3 miles on the track with another PE teacher. Good company and conversation.

May play a little lax at the end of the day, prior to another long-ass-day on the landscape front. Boy, I need to win the lottery asap.

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