Thursday, March 29, 2012

Rolled It

Got up bright and early and was looking forward to a solid tempo run at the Walkup and Robinson Reservation in Westboro. This place is the spot to go "balls out" and see what you can do on the trails as far as speed sessions go. The first two laps I was cruising, but during the last section of the third lap I rolled my left ankle pretty good.

I rolled ankles many times before, in fact, I rolled the same damn ankle last week in floor hockey. A youngster, not intentionally, thrust his stick under my foot and it slide out from underneath me, rolling the ankle in the process. On the trails, I 've rolled both of them, but only the times when it hurts for a minute or so then the pain just goes away.

This time the pain was (and is) still there. I finished out the fourth loop in decent time and took my throbbing ankle back to the car. I wouldn't say it kills but it definitely hurts and my mobility is effected by it. Will try to elevate and ice throughout the day.

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