Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Being Smart

Realizing that on some days during the school week I have my prep period first block, I came to the conclusion that waking at 4am to run was absurd. I thought to myself (finally)....why don't you just sleep and extra hour and get to school around when all the other teachers get there (7ish).

So....the first half of the run was in the dark and the torch was necessary and the latter part was early stages of sunrise. I honestly forgot how beautiful it is to be in the woods during the sunrise. From complete darkness to dim light to all out sunshine in a matter of minutes.

An extra hour of sleep, seeing the sunrise and a nice easy run has made this a great morning so far. Looking to get some strength training in today and some recovery that I missed yesterday.

Legs a little sore from them hills I ran up yesterday.

Update: 5x8 Front Squats 75,85,85,90,95 with 1min rest then farmers walk holding 50lb db for 200' x 3 w/ 1 min rest then 8min of foam rolling. Got calves, hams, glute, back, quads, lats, IT band (very tight- need to focus on this).

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