Thursday, March 22, 2012

NO AM Runs!!!!

I figured I'd take a few days off from running post-race and just enjoy sleeping in. I did that, and figured Thursday AM was good day to pick it back up.

Landscaping till 7:45pm and my daughter having a cold prevented that from happening. Works been brutal (heat/long hours) and my poor little girl can't even breath out of her nose which made everyones night hectic.

Oh well I guess. I have some time during school in which I could (should?) hit the track and do some miles. Tough to get motivate to hit the track though.

Did some strength training yesterday. Little sore today. Workout was as follows:

warm-up of 3rds of 15 OHS, 10 push-ups, Samson stretch

5x8 of front squat at 65, 65, 75, 75, 85 with a minute of rest in-between sets

Overhead dumbbell walk with 20, 30, 35lbs for laps each around weight room with a one minute rest.

30 minutes of hard-core floor hockey.

Looking to create an excel document and link to chip away at my weekly "list". May have that up today if I can find an extra 10 minutes somewhere....

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