Friday, March 23, 2012

Dead Legs

Ran 6 this evening on my old stomping ground (webber property, francoland, tufts). This was post-landscaping (tough day) and post-post 1.5 hours of floor hockey on Thursday.

Played the most intense one hour of FH in my life. Epic to say the least. All solid players (many V hockey dudes actually), all going hard. Physical at times but still within the rules of the game. From the first drop of the puck to the last shot, every single player went balls-out. Fun stuff and one to remember.

Legs felt like lead weights however on the run. Will blame this solely on the floor hockey and maybe a bit on the race (although it has been 5 days recovery and not doing much beside landscaping in-between).

Looking to get out tomorrow morning for a quick hour, cleaning up my yard, then heading to work for half day of landscaping. Busy day of activity/exercise.

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