Monday, February 20, 2012

Where I Run (part 2)

Continuing on (actually Blogger kept f'n up and wouldn't let me include any more photos in the first part. Not sure if I exceeded some space limitation (??) but here is the rest of the runs photos.

Wheeler Rd Trail (GLT) is a sweet piece of single track right on mighty Lake Ripple

Decided to take this one for Ben

After a brief road run (.2miles), you hit the Williams Property (GLT), which is a hidden gem

Wide horse trail and recently cleaned up make this spot a real fast course

After a monster decent (down Brigham Hill Rd) and then a even bigger ascent (Potter Hill Rd), you hit the top of Gtown and some incredible views. *Note Mt. Wachusett in the distance* Also, if anyone is reading this and lives on top of Potter Hill and is planning to sell, I will buy!!! (for cheap that is...)

Wachusett Mtn.

After hitting the top of Potter Hill Rd, you wind your way back down towards Milbury and come in the back side of the Deering Property.

The Martha Deering Property aka "Rayburn" has some of the sickest single track around. 

More of the sweet stuff at Rayburn

My Weapon of Choice...the Tecnica Diablo Max, helping keep my feet dry, free of mud and blister free


  1. That gorgeous view of lake ripple gets me every time. Feels like I'm back in Maine following the AT. hahahaha