Monday, February 20, 2012

Where I Run (part 1)

Like I mentioned last week, I bought a cheap camera off craig's list and wanted to show my readers where I run.

Yesterday I ran the "Grafton Ultra" which I've completely made up, is not really an ultra (only 20 some-odd miles) that conects many of the towns' land trust areas. There is a few more spot's I'd like to add in, but would have to really hit the pavement to make it work.

I run these trails in the early morning's so it was nice to actually see them in the daylight. Actually saw quite of few unique things that I would have never seen in the dark (old foundations, abandoned railroad bridges, etc.)

So here's the blow by blow:

Me. Notice burly mountain man beard I've been working on.

The first part of the run starts on the road and swings onto the Dorthy Pond Recreation Area in Millbury. 

Old abandoned railroad bed for a few miles

Gravel road, for railroad access

Francoland, as the kids like to call it (off roading/party spot). It was more like mud-o-land.

More mud-o-land

Some gnarly steep stuff

After Francoland, you hit some high tension wires (and mud...)

Old abandoned road behind Tufts Vet School

Finally! Some nice trail. This was my party spot back in the day. Called it "the bowl" and was conveniently located in the woods a miles walk from my rents house...

Webber Property (Grafton Land Trust- GLT)

After a quick road stretch, you hit the Wheeler Rd Trails (GLT)

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