Thursday, February 9, 2012

Poundin the Pecs

Yup, beach workout for sure. JK. Used the same 7 set/5 rep scheme Dan John speaks of with the bench press. Used 95, 115,135,115,120,125,125 which, like my press numbers, are pretty weak. Gotta start somewhere. Followed and intertwined with some sit-ups, planks and foam rolling or the entire lower body.

Notice the scale is not tipping in my favor. My running weight is around 157 and I'm now at 162. I haven't really been changing my eating habits (even though I'm burning way less cals), so I should start watching my intake if I'm going to be taking some time off.

Actually had the running clothes out for this morning. Got real upset last night and frustrated and basically said "run through it". Dumb, I know. But I used good judgement and put on the sweats and mopped into work.

No racing this weekend as I had planned to so a bit bummed about that. It would have been nice to see how I fared on a short course (15k).

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