Friday, February 10, 2012

Weekend Plans

I think (hope) the five days off from running/lower body activities have served my right. I will step out tomorrow morning and test the knee. Obviously, I will take it easy and stop if it tells me to. I guess this week off has taught me to be patient. Something that escapes me from time to time. It also will teach me that recovery is key to improvement, and not the constant training that can over-work the body.

“But a lot of athletes, like myself, never learned. We only wanted to do the one side of the coin, and that’s the training part, and we believed that the recovery part, we really didn’t need that.” A. Salzaar


  1. You may like this article. This guy is a strength guru by trade but most of what he talks about is more directed at achieving your goals and shit like that. Think of each day you took off to fix your injury as a brick. I've been thinking this way recently and it's paying benefits for my eating especially. Maybe you could apply it for the future too.

  2. 150 bricks. I like it. Doesn't have to be a perfect brick (ideally) but consistent ones. An interesting way to approach achieving goals/transformations. Maybe its time to build a wall. Good stuff Ben. Thanks.