Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Exercise as an Addiction

With day three of no running or exercise, I've begun to get extremely cranky and depressed. Even my students know something is up. "Mr. Contois you don't seem you cheery self...what's up."

Checked out wiki and found this. Especially liked the signs and symptoms.

I know I really don't have a problem, it just sucks not being able to run.

Decided to do some core training this morning and foam rolling of the entire body. It hurt so good. Then proceed to get in some Shoulder presses in a 7 set/5 rep scheme after reading Dan John's book called "Never Let Go". He speaks of an one exercise a day program that can be a killer. I don' think I'm going to use it per say, just thought with my low body being trashed, I might as well punish the upper body.

Sets were 65,75, 85, 90, 95, 100, 85. Kind of pathetic when you consider I pushed 140 for 3 just a few years back....



    I remember receiving a text message from a certain someone after my third blog post ever was posted that said something like

    "I have girls in my classes at school pressing that much!"

    Oh how the tables have turned. Kidding man. good to see you strength training keep it up.

  2. Thanks Ben. I almost had to check the white board just to make sure my shoulder press was more than the top girl. Probably would have hung up the gym shorts had I not surpassed it....kidding but still feel weak as heck. Maybe this is a blessing to get me back into the strength training mode.

  3. Josh - got your comment via email and not sure why its not showing up on the blog. Thanks for the support. I just need to be patient (very tough...). Again, awesome job in Texas. Truly inspirational.