Sunday, February 26, 2012

One of the Top Training Runs of All-Time

Within five minutes of my trail run at the rail trail in Holden, I meet up with two guys on a trail that I've never seen anyone running on. Ever! I say "hi", run past them and think to my self, I must turn around and run with these dudes. I bolted and almost didn't catch them. They had a serious pace going and come to find out, they are CMS guys, one of which won the regional 5000m indoors for the ustaf. Sick!!! We continued to haul ass from trail to trail, then over to trout brook for a lollipop loop and then back to rail trail. All at break-neck speed (for me at least!). I would try to get an occasional word in (or mumble...) and they had full conversations like this pace was easy. I MUST RUN WITH THESE DUDES MORE OFTEN!!!!!

Adam or Neil, if you guys read this, email/comment so we can run again. I know you guys can't do the early AM's. I don't blame you, but I could possibly make the weekends work. Thanks for great run. I really needed it.

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