Saturday, February 25, 2012


Been stripping wall paper, sanding and painting for the last two days. Getting the second little buggers nursery ready in the last uncompleted room in the house.

The house was built in the 70's and the nice homeowners decided to wallpaper over the preexisting wallpaper just to laugh at me. I've endured six rooms so far, so I knew what I was in for. A little more sanding then paint this afternoon and then I'm done!!

May try to get a run in but the winds are howling out there. Listening to the radio yesterday and a special broadcast came on announcing the heavy winds that were coming today??? Never heard that before. I'm no weather man and no nothing about the jet streams but GZ and few other CO runners mentioned some heavy winds a few days ago in their area....are these the same winds??

Also may try to sneak in a run while the paint dries. We'll see if I want to test the wind and the trails.

Ran on Thursday at the Audubon Society's Eagle Lake area.  A nice spot to walk with the family. Not big at all but scenic views of the lake and benches to sit. Did two loops of everything and it only came out to 30 minutes or so.

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