Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Knee Issues

I guess it started with my right shin, then it crept up into my knee. Not sure what it is but feels like tendinitis (overuse? really?). I think from the mass amounts of floor hockey, running and not much rest, have combined for this ailment. It's somewhat like a pulsating feeling in the outer parts of my right knee. I have had IT band issues in the past and that is where it would get irritated, but I think this is different.

No running Mon/Tues of this week (or floor hockey for that matter...) and possibly nothing for the rest of the week. I may just want to ride this one out and get 100% before I get back at it.

Interesting article over at Irunfar.com about a knee injury. Coincidence???

Got the OK from the boss on a race this Saturday down in RI, but if smart I won't run it and rest.

Awesome story if found on the UList. A must read.


  1. Completely random obviously but give or take 6 years from now would something like this interest you?


    I'm like blown away. I want to do this someday.....someday.

  2. For sure Ben. I was actually thinking about this one in the near future. A little more "local" and I've heard really good things about it.