Sunday, February 5, 2012

32 Years Young

Yup, today I'm 32 years young. Still feel like I'm 18 and going to high school (oh wait I do go to high school....;)

Had a nice brunch with my family, rents, sister and bro. Huge spread including chocolate waffles and a egg, bacon, and sausage combobulation (yummy).

Drove up to Georgetown in the afternoon with the family to my college buddy Bill's place to watch the game. We snuck out and got in 6.5 at the sweet single track at willowdale state park. I've run there for the Stone Cat 50 but we explored more than what I've seen racing and training there which was nice.

Right knee a little cranky and blaming it on the increase in road running last week.

PS...I hate the road.