Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Good Start to the Month

As some of you know, we start our Fitness Challenge for staff and faculty at the high school today. I figured I hammer out a nice 10 mile run after two days of really nothing (OK a wee bit of floor hockey....). Course was super hilly, a lot more than I remember, even after running it for the 5th time today. Not a PR by any means (actually a minute off) but for 9+ hilly miles at 7:38 pace it felt good.

20,000 steps for me so far. We post our totals on Fridays. Should be interesting.

Body feels recovered from last weekend's race, however, a slight twinge in my right shin is getting on my nerves and won't seem to go away. It came on during last week's floor hockey fest and i'm sure rest would have helped (idiot). Told myself I wasn't going to play on Mon/Tues but the kiddies beckoned me to join and the Gretzky in me couldn't let em down.

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