Thursday, February 2, 2012

Fat Ass Course

Ran the Riverlin Fat Ass Course (3.5m) this morning x 2. Figured this will be my training ground for the TARC Spring Thaw 6hr. The distances are equal, although I'm not sure on terrain, so it should give me a good idea of how many loops I can do in the allotted time. Did the first and second loop in 31 min even, which I was pretty surprised with. It seemed like I pushed it more on the first, maybe fell into a solid rhythm in the second?

I ran this loop in the daytime in 28 and that was pushing it, so I would think somewhere between 32 and 34 minutes would be a solid pace for 6hrs. Thinking about trying a 3hr here soon on the loop just to see if my mind can take the repetition. I've done 50k's where four, five and even six loops are necessary, so 6hrs on a 3.5 loop should be torture at best.


  1. Like I said I'm definitely coming home for a weekend in Feb to head down to Jersey to visit my aunt. Maybe we could make a 2-3 hour run on this course on like the Friday night before I head to NJ in the morning.Can you link me to the whites 50k in feb too?

  2. Sounds good Ben. Let me know the date in Feb and I'll see if it can work for me.