Monday, January 30, 2012

CrossFit Article

Found this article over on GZ's blog awhile back and didn't get a chance to read it. Read it and it sounded way to familiar. I loved CrossFit before I got into ultrarunning, training with their 3 on 1 off protocol for almost an year and half. The only thing I got out it was a messed up elbow. Granted, I played (past tense) tennis in my early years, high school and in college, so my elbow has seen better days. But the rapid movements (kipping) just took my tendinitis to a new level. Picking up my lunch pail was an issue every day....

My advice is to read the article and make your own choice. I do see the benefits of elevating the heart rate for 10 to 15 minutes doing intense exercise (with proper form of course), but to do this 3x per week over many weeks is just asking for an injury. And the Olympic lifts are great...when performed properly.

On another note, I took Sunday off aside from running around the house with my little girl. She's walking!!!!! and wants everyone to follow her around. So much fun. Got in 1 mile on the GHS track this morning at ten minute pace. Nice and easy. The PE dept's fitness challenge starts Wednesday and I need to be on my game as far as mileage goes. If I'm smart this should be my highest month of miles every.

On a side-side note, the PE dept. added two people to my one man team (?). They missed the sign-up cut-off and wanted to join the fun. Looking like I may need the help. Lots of smack talking going around right now as to who's team is gonna take home the gold.

A must see for all ultrarunners

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