Friday, February 3, 2012

Almost Hit the Snooze....

But I didn't. Got in a solid 10.75 this morning at 7:27 pace, which is solid for me. I think this Fitness Challenge we got going here at the high school has definitely helped me get out of bed. A few hills on the course but nothing as steep as Wednesday's road run.

Not sure what's going on but I can feel myself getting a little faster (could be in my head). Maybe its me just realizing my limits and pushing them a bit (like the past two fat ass races) and ramping up my training.  Sometimes I get out of bed and just "run" with no purpose. Like I stated at the end of last year, each one of these "runs" will have a purpose and goal. So far I've been diligent with this and am starting to see some progress.

May sign up for this race next weekend but will have to run it by the boss first. It's a 15k, which is a bit shorter than my starndard, but if I want to get faster, these types of races are key.

Awesome job by Shane Skowron (grew up in N. Brookfield, MA) at the Arrowhead 135.

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