Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Recent Activity

Been cleaing up the debris from the snow storm as of last. Two full days on the landscape crew and no school made for tough days. Sun-up till sun-down both Mon and Tues has left me drained (but pockets full of I shouldn't complain).

Spent the weekend down in VA visiting the in-laws. Fun stuff. No exercise to speak off. Played flag football in class last friday. No TD's but a sweet leaping catch (landed out of bounds tho...).

Body and mind feel great. Think I may take the rest of the week off and get it going this weekend again. There was race (5k trail) in NH that I was thinking about doing but I may have to work on Sun. and I would like to see my fam at some point this week...

Finally rounding out next years' racing plans and goals. Will post them within the next few days or so.

Cool vid of KJ and his recent setback.

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