Thursday, October 27, 2011

Rest and Recovery

Haven't run a step since the ghost train but have walked a bunch. Ended up going to school/landscaping on monday and walked a total of about 5 miles. Hurt a bit, but I think moving was better than sitting in the long run.

Took Tuesday off. Mental health day. Needed it. Slept in and relaxed.

Wed/Thurs walked some more and landscaped both days...yes we were chopping wood in the pouring rain today. My boss (bro in law) is a jerk. JK. We had fire going right next to us and it wasn't too bad.

Got in 2 epsom salt baths sunday through tuesday. I really think they have helped my recovery. Came down with some nasal drip and felt down on tuesday which is one of the reason I took the day off.

Feel great today and could probably run a few miles if i felt like it. Getting a bit giddy as i write this as its snowing outside. Looks like an inch or so already and will probably melt my tomorrow afternoon but just the thought of strapping on the microspikes has me amped up for winter running.

Been thinking about 2012 and what is in store for me. Will probably end up staying in New England as far as racing goes. Maybe something down in VA when visiting the in-laws though.

VT100 looks good for my second 100. It could be a cool family weekend and I think I can get a house right near the start line for nil. Looking at doing some new ultras as well. Maybe McNaughton and Pittsfield Peaks in VT in the spring then VT50 in the fall. Cape Cod FA 50k in Feb. and maybe some Grand Tree races thrown in there to get the leg turnover in. Can't forget the USTAF mountain series as well. Had fun running up mountains with my heart beating through my chest....


  1. Congrats on the 100 miler and what a fast time!

  2. Thanks Shane. It feels good to finally get a 100 miler under my belt. I've had this goal for a few years now and can rest easier at night knowing that I've completed it.