Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Poundin' the Pavement

Hit the roads in Grafton for a little over 10 miles this morning. Felt good the whole way at a 8 min/mile. Saw three cats, two skunks and a bat that flew right over my head while out and about. Its always interesting when you see two eyes looking at you from afar then you slowly get closer and realize who they belong to.

Ankle still feels a little tender from yesterday's roll over. Not enough to not run but not comfortable either. Glad to see I've gotten two back to back hour-plus runs so far this week.

Looking at this ultra for November.  I know...roads....and a looped course. My favorites.

Shoes worn:  Saucony Mirage


  1. really killing the total mileage for the year 1572 is impressive keep it up

  2. thanks dan. I seems like a lot but i know i can get that number even higher. thinking 2 grand by the end of the year.