Monday, September 26, 2011

Solid Run Man!

Finally a solid run in the morning. Seemed like my AM runs were getting slower and beginning to feel like a chore. Today it felt great. Took the two days prior off (weekend getaway with my fam to Kittery, ME!!) which is probably why it felt so good.

Twisted my ankle on a road section near brigham hill. New school coming, possibly new library, new police and fire fortresses but many of the roads are still pot holed and ready to grab ankles. Don't think it too serious but if you were up around 5:30am in the general area, you may have heard me.

Run consisted of lower wheeler, williams property, brigham hill rd, lordvalle connector trail and lordvalle roads for 8.5 miles in 1:19.

Geoff Roes took the UROC title this weekend. Check out the site to see the results and many cool vids of the runners in action.

Shoes: Tecnica Diablo Max

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