Sunday, September 4, 2011


Neglected the long run again this weekend. Set the alarm both nights, one for 4am and the other for 5am. Somehow I woke up and turned the alarm off at some point during the night. Not sure if this is for better judgement or me just being lazy.

Got in a solid 4.8 mile run at 7:30pm tonight. Pace was 6:31/mile for 31:15 total. Felt good to really move. Maybe I should be looking for some 5k's to run in the area...

Plan on waking up early to start the week off right and getting at least an hour in, then hitting the landscaping front for full day.

Checked out a few races coming up to use as training runs. The Nipmuck Marathon and the Tarc Fall Classic may fit the bill before the ghost train trail race on oct. 22.

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