Saturday, August 27, 2011

Why Do I Still Feel Run Down?

Could it be the effects of the 100 MW? Lack of sleep? Eating tons of garbage (which I have been)? Not taking a long enough recovery from running? Not sure, but whatever it is I'm still not running the way I want to be. I mean I still ran 6 miles on the rail trail in 44 minutes, but I had planned for going at least 10 and then some. My legs felt sluggish and I couldn't wait to get back to the car, pretty much from the get go.  Going to take tomorrow off (hurricane?) and then pick it up on monday barring the destruction and me manning the chain saw for 24 hours straight if need be.

Headed to home depot as we speak to pick up some spare chain saw chains. Adam and I could be making a killing if the wind decides to take a few trees down.


  1. My phone will be on if you and Adam decide you need some extra help with some of those trees $$$$$$ haha

  2. Ill let you know man. We could probably use a grunt to move the big logs around. I'll def keep u mind!