Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Nixin the Run

The last three days (Sun-Tues) will include no running. Sunday we had a tropical storm and Mon and Tues have been straight up hard labor. This ain't no grass cutting and I'm beat when the day is over and I want to be fresh for the next one. The harder and longer we work, the more money to be had. We went from 6:30am to dark yesterday, cutting, chipping, hauling, moving...you name it. Anything to do with tree removal, we did it. I couldn't even think about a run this morning. No worries though, the trails and roads will be there tomorrow.

No school for the second straight day. Will we have to make these up in June?

Check out this vid when you have a chance. This is a goal of mine to someday run this race. Unreal.

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