Monday, August 1, 2011

Stress Relief

So, besides the 100 miler I'm running in four days, I've been under a bit of stress. My daughter's first birthday party is next weekend and our house "needs" to be painted  by then. I've been chipping away at it all summer. Mainly post landscape workday, post run and post I'm already too tired to paint but somehow I managed to get one side done. Yesterday, my dad, bro and bro in law came by and we "gang banged" as my dad put it the rest of the house. We started at 7 and finished by 4. Just shutters, a door and some trim to finish up and the house will be painted in time for the bash.

With that off my plate, I can know put all my thoughts into this race. I must admit. I haven't had the time to prepare mentally for this race. Physically, I'm in top condition, but mentally I need more time. Hopefully tonight I'll be able to shop for food and supplies. Tuesday night will be the packing of drop bags and overall equipment and camping gear. And Wednesday will be any last minute details. Can't wait to get to the starting line and just do what I love to do.... run.

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