Thursday, July 28, 2011

Pre-Race Meeting

Adam, my brother in law, Ben, a former student and budding ultra runner, and myself met last night to go over the strategy and logistics of the Maine 100 Mile Wilderness Ultra. This should be an epic run and I hope to complete the event on two feet.

The meeting went well with Adam taking the driving and navigation and Ben taking the co-pilot and pacer duties. Both should be able to fuel me up at the aid stations and kick my ass if need be. Failure is not an option and they both know and agree with this.

I've haven't run since last Saturday (5 days off so far), which has been my longest stretch on non-running in over two years. I must admit, my legs were really tired and are starting to come around. The rest is nice but I'm becoming antsy and need to resist the urge to run. One more week and its go time.

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