Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Eating Like Kings

I went shopping last night for the 100 miler this weekend. I dropped $200 bucks without even thinking twice. I want to have too much rather than not enough. Redbulls, pop tarts, sandwich meat, bagels with PB and Nutella are just some of the grub were are going to down over the the weekend. I need to make one more trip to EMS for some GU's and some iodine tablets and the shopping should be done. Thoroughly excited for this race and can't wait to toe the line.

After EMS, I plan on packing all my equipment (camping, running, crewing and such), leaving Wednesday night for any thing I forgot or need to run out and get. Thursday at noon is my brother in laws and my departure time from Grafton. We will pick up Ben in Wells, ME and then head north to Abol Bridge. Giddy Up!!!


  1. Justin, best of luck. I'm sure you'll do very well.

    I didn't realize this race was actually right where I was last week. We drove by Abol Bridge and on the Golden Road. I didn't see the rest of the course but I'm sure it'll be nice and challenging!