Wednesday, August 3, 2011

It Finally Hit Me

As I was packing all my aid station bags and getting my running gear organized it hit me. I am going to attempt to run 100 miles in just a few days. Later, I got into bed and thought I have only two more nights in this bed, then one in a tent, then one on my feet (hopefully only one...). This is real and its going down on Friday morning.

I've had this goal for two years now. Read a book. Got back into running. Ran a marathon. Ran a 50 miler and haven't looked back. It seems everything has led me to this point and I'm excited to finally be here. My dad said to me yesterday, "We are still proud of you no matter how far you make it." I know this is true, but in my heart its 100 miles or bust. I'm going to get this sucker done. No excuses.

Going to pack up the car tonight after work and see how everything fits. Hopefully we will have some room to move our feet all said and done. Temps look comfortable for the start up in Millinocket, hovering between 75 and 80 during the day and down to 60 at night.


  1. Good luck contois i Know you got this and you know you got this just get out there and run, let everything else take care of itself

  2. Thanks Dan. Much appreciated.